Yes, I know its Sunday and not Thursday, but I’ve had a busy, tiring week. So without further a due, here are my Picks of the Week. As you may know from my pull list, it was a lightish week for me; just 4 books (3 of which were from DC)’ Let’s say I loved the books from one company and not the other.

Best of the Week

THUNDER Agents #2 – THUNDER Agents is my pick for Best of the Week because it’s a much different comic than the first issue, but it has a lot of the great twists and turns that the first issue had. This issue primarily focuses on the new heroes, and one hero in particular, Lightning. The characterization that Spencer doles out really gets to the heart of what a character wants so when it comes time to making a choice, to be a hero whose powers will kill him, it seems logical. the next few issues I am sure will be a spotlight on a particular character, while this mission is underway. What I like about this is that it allows Spencer to show how his world works, but makes us care at the same time. and the art of Chafu and Bat do not disappoint here. There is a two page splash of lightning running with his new powers for the first time and it’s in your face, it’s detailed and it convey’s a lot of the emotion that these guys want you to feel about these characters.  This book is really a different kind of superhero book, and at a point when I read a lot of superhero books, this one stands out because it’s different and not generic, like some of the books I read. Thank DC.

Worst of the Week

Thor #618 – This book is really starting to get on my nerves. The first issue posed these great cosmological ideas, and the art was so good I gave Fraction and Ferry a PoW for that issue. Each subsequent issue has been a bit of a let down. While the art has been great, the stories are lacking structure, things just seem to happen. It feels like Fraction is building his arcs to work better in a trade, which he does often enough, but in books like Invincible Iron Man each issue still has a story to tell. So far in this series, we have seen the resurrection of two characters, Loki, and in this past issue Odin, and they were such simple resurrections that they really lack any emotion. Thor seems to be able to do whatever; he’s that powerful. The art however is still really strong and I might just stay for that, but we will see. I will give this book another issue or two and see what happens.