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 This is my third attempt at writing a blog. My first one, I thought I’d be clever and write about my daily goings on, but without telling my audience who I was; it became a mystery of sorts; a mystery that sucked. My second blog was, well I can’t really remember what I wrote about; probably a lot of random stuff that had to do with life, TV, film, comics and some other randomness; I think I wrote about snow once. This latest blog I hope will have some legs because of one reason; focus.

I’ve decided that my focus will be on comic books. I go to enough comic books websites, read enough comic books and think about comic books so much that it makes sense for me to get my thoughts on a page. Plus, I love to write; I want to write for a living, and this blog will give me the opportunity to write about the medium I want to write in, give me a schedule in which I can write, and ultimate this will get me writing.

To make sure I stay focused, I’m going to give myself a minimum two posts a week. One post will be my Picks of the week and will be give my pick of the best and worst comic of the week. My picks will be posted Wednesday Thursdays; my inital pick on Wednesday and my reviews on Thursday. The other major post will be about comic books in general; be it new books coming out, comic book movies, creative teams, industry challenges or topics that I think should be raised. I’m always open to ideas so don’t hesitate to send me some. You can contact me by e-mail, or my Twitter page @PanelFlow.

So without further ado, I give you my latest, and hopefully more successful, blog, Panel Flow.

P.S. I want to thank my good friend G, @theGsayeth, for all his help and support on this blog.

Panel Flow

Kyle Lawlor

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